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acklesish's Journal

Jensen Ackles
1 March
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ROLEPLAY JOURNAL for Jensen Ackles, an actor who plays Dean Winchester in Supernatural.


Just to reiterate: I am not Jensen Ackles. Everything done with this journal is done out of a sense of fun and no offense is intended to the actor or to any of his fans. Nothing played is intended to be any sort of reflection on his life, interests or preferences.

Character is mainly based off of Supernatural episode 6.15, The French Mistake.

Jensen is based on the existence of an Alternate Universe where instead of being hunters, Sam and Dean play them on TV, and are known as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Character is mostly played slashy because it's what appeals to the mun, not because I'm making any statement about the real life actor of the same name.

With all that Please-Don't-Rape-My-Face stuff said? I'm pretty much up for anything. Jensen is an actor that plays Dean on Supernatural. He doesn't really talk to his co-star. Ships are not required, but always enjoyed. He is played prior to 6.15.

If you don't like that I play him, please deal with it like a grown up and don't play with me. If you want to make sure I don't tag your threads, drop me a civil PM and I'll gladly leave you be.